Scallions, green onions, and spring onions


I guess while we are at lets not leave out shallots, salad onions, bunching onions, and green sticks.  For the purists a scallion is technically slightly less mature than a green onions.  No matter what you call them this is a very versatile version of the conventional mature bulb version of the vegetable and shouldn’t be overlooked in your garden.

What is great about green onions is the provide a milder onion taste when you want to avoid the overpowering taste mature onions can bring.  This is why green onions are commonly used raw or cooked into many Asian dishes as well as soup, noodle, and seafood dishes.  One of my favorite uses for green onions is in my garden salsa mango salsa, or black bean and corn salsa.

What is good to remember when you are growing green onions is obviously you will be pulling them before they create bulbs and mature so you can plant them very close together (i.e. the term bunching onions)  This is great when you are like me with not a lot of room to grow vegetables so anytime I can do some intensive spacing the better.

So if you forgot to grow onions this year, don’t fret it is not too late to start your green onions, scallions, spring onions, shallots, salad onions, green sticks, or bunching onions.  I know someone else has another name for these that I missed, if so please add it to the comments…

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