how to fix crystallized honey (chunky)


Got that little bear of honey but it is all chunky and won’t come out?  Just place it in a mason jar and fill with hot water (tap or boiling can work) and loosely add a lid to keep some of the heat in.  Check on it in a few minutes and you should have nicely flowing honey again.  Still a little chunky?  Repeat the process again.

This happens because well honey is sugar and as time goes on small crystals can form and then grow making this chunky mess…this is the same process you would do to intentionally make some sugar crystals like below.


By heating the sugar up you dissolve these crystals making nice looking honey again which pretty much has a shelf life of forever.

One Response to “how to fix crystallized honey (chunky)”

  1. jolj Says:

    You can Microwave it all so.
    In high school(100 years ago)we use a cardboard pyramid to change honey to sugar then back to flowing honey.
    I can not remember how it went, it was 100 years ago.

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