Growums seed gardening kit for kids review


I am a sucker for kids seed growing kits especially when I pass by them on clearance.  The one I found was the Growums Herb Seed Kit at Lowes on clearance for $2.49, though typically they run for $5 so not a bad price at retail.

The kit includes 8 peat pots, bottom watering container to hold them, and ~20 seeds of basil, cilantro, oregano, parsley (each with matching labels for each peat pot with colorful characters on them. 


It also came with a secret code that gives you access to an online site where the kids can watch for directions on how to start their plants and some additional advice on topics such as watering and pest control in short animated videos which had a bit of a Veggie Tales feel to them (minus the religious stories)  The site also features a few garden related games for the kids to play.

Overall I like the design of the planter as it is very easy to setup basically place it on a sturdy container (cake/pie pan) and add a cup or so of water and watch the peat pots grow and plant 3 seeds in each pot and then water as needed and bring outdoors.  I think the online portion is a nice touch to get your kids/grandkids dig a little more into the caring part of the plants versus planting some seeds and heading on their way.  Given this uses standard sized peat pods you can easily use the planter again and again with the remaining seeds or any other variety you choose.

Along with the “herb garden” we got they also offer a “taco garden”, “salad garden”, “pizza garden”, “ratatouille garden”, and “stir-fry garden” which offers different selections of seed varieties associated with the theme.

3 Responses to “Growums seed gardening kit for kids review”

  1. DanO Says:

    That’s a pretty cool concept that can get kids interested in the science behind growing food!

  2. almost anonymous Says:

    I bought two different sets on clearance, maybe $150 each. We popped it out a week ago, planed the three seeds each, stored the leftover seeds in a ziplock bag, and almost ALL have sprung. We are probably looking at 2/3 right now, but I expect the others to come out, too.

    I put it together and then put each tray in its own zip-lock bag, blew it up, and zipped it closed. Two little terrariums!

    My 3-1/2 year-old loves them! …and that is what matters… 🙂

  3. almost anonymous Says:

    OK maybe not $150 each 😉 but more like $1.50 each.

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