Hydroponic gardening kits in your living room via Home Lohas


Here are some awesome modular hydroponics setups by Home Lohas.  Pretty much a supersized version of an Aerogarden, they use timers and proprietary selection of nutrient solutions to provide produce without soil and advertised in harvest times with 30% less time.


They use a full spectrum LED light system to provide adequate light without running up a huge water bill.  Lights/pumps are completely automated so pretty much a turn key system.


Ok now the bad news the retail cost of one of these bad boys is $530US…so this will not be on my purchase list but is aesthetically pleasing enough I could see my hydroponics move from the garage to the living room if the price came down some.

Via Engadget

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  1. Amanda Says:

    Who would have thought that hydroponics could be made into such a pretty feature. I’ll be keeping that one in mind.

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