Ladybug Release: Not a good day to be an aphid in my garden


We normally would have already had our annual ladybug release for aphid control, though this year it has been a little colder than normal so we have to postpone until this evening.  You want to release your ladybugs at sunset since they do not like to fly at night and gives you the best odds of keeping them in your garden.

For fun and a little carnage we decided to let 20-30 out early and placed them on some plants with a few too many aphids (peas and mint)  In the picture above fortunately (or unfortunately depending how much you loathe aphids) you can’t see it but the ladybug was just having his first victim.  With many more to come that were surrounding him (or her).



For some less gruesome pictures of ladybugs you can check out some of the photo shoots from our previous years ladybug releases



6 Responses to “Ladybug Release: Not a good day to be an aphid in my garden”

  1. Nick Says:

    Howdy neighbor, I’m glad to have found your blog from the NYT. Although I live in Auburn!

    Anyway, I’m wondering about ladybugs. I haven’t noticed aphids but are they a good idea anyway?

    (Slugs OTOH, are an enormous problem)

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    This is the first year I have had a problem…though I do release ladybugs every year. 🙂 The conditions we have had lately cold/humid is great for aphids though bad for ladybugs so your garden probably could use a little boost.

    I look at it as preventive maintenence, and for $5-6 for a 1000 or so makes a nice yearly tradition.

  3. Carol Says:

    Where do you purchase lady bugs to release? I am considering doing this with my grandchildren as well as butterflies. Any information you could pass on would be helpful.

  4. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Carol, I bought mine at a local nursery, though I have seen them previous years at home and garden stores (though not this year) One option is to buy your ladybugs online

  5. Mary C. Says:

    wow! I’ve never seen ladybugs in my garden go straight for the enemy so quickly! Good luck against your aphids!

  6. Angelique Says:


    We have a problem with the ladybugs destroying our plants and eating our seedlings. Anyone else experience this before?

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