Broccoli in the winter garden


Not exactly time to harvest but nice to see a little life in my garden after our snow has melted away…

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  1. Andy Says:

    I want to have an organic herb garden. But because I have waited too long is it ok to buy starter plants that have a bit of pesticide used on them and never use pesticides again? Does the pesticide wash off? Can I just pinch off the part that had the pesticide used on it?
    using the herbs for organic flavored oils

  2. Hydroponics Says:

    I have been growing a winter garden made up of collards, broccoli,cabbage and cauliflower in a raised garden bed. My question concerns my broccoli. I harvested the broccoli heads last december and thoroughly enjoyed them due to the enhanced taste over store bought. I have allowed the plants to continue to grow and they produced yellow flowers and finally went to seed. The plants themselves continue to look hearty through 20s degree (F)temperatures and are beginning to show signs of new heads forming where the leaves join the main stalk.

    Will the new heads continue to develop throughout the spring and
    result in a second harvest?

  3. Kathy D. Says:

    Hi, I just came upon your site through your post on peppermint and lemon verbena propogation. Great site. I am going to mark it and I will definitely be back. Kathy

  4. The Shroom Says:

    Hey hey! I have nominated you as a Versatile Blogger! So come and collect your Versatile Blogger Award at Roots and Shoots: 🙂

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