Winter garden survivors


Saturday we had a rare occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest, this large ball of warm gas, which in some areas they refer to as the sun made an appearance.  It raised the temperature so much I had to take the cover off my winter garden so I decided to do a little weeding and take some pictures.


The Chinese cabbage (bok choy) is looking great and I need to remember to cook with it shortly.


The kale and Swiss chard is also growing strong…think I might have some cooked greens in my future.


The parsley and onions needed a little cleaning up but still nice and green.


The garlic bulbs planted last fall are now starting to emerge with some stray cilantro in gabs between them.


The arugula is still alive but a little mangled from some of the snow that the hoop cover did not keep entirely off.  For the beginning of February the garden looks the most alive it has ever been this time of year.

5 Responses to “Winter garden survivors”

  1. Sherry Verrall Says:

    Looks great, I am inspired to start a herb garden outside this year.

  2. Forsythkid Says:

    Your garden is certainly looking good! We’ve had a very mild time of it in southwest Missouri as, I suspect, has had most of the country this season. I’m looking forward to getting out into the garden soon myself!

  3. Linda Burnham Says:

    I feel guilty. I failed to ignite my winter garden this year. Darn your photographs!

  4. Adele Says:

    Love your blog! I nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award, details are on my blog.

  5. Heather @ whats blooming this week Says:

    How nice to be able to grow fresh produce in the middle of winter. Here in SW Ontario we only have frozen ground.
    Found you through Adele’s blog as a fellow Versatile Blogger.

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