Earth Day in the garden

I decided to take the day off to catch up on some things at home and as I ended up outside of course I went right to the garden. 

We have seen a few warm days here in the Northwest and in my area we haven’t dipped under 40 degrees at night so seemed like a good time to plant a few of my tomatoes spending their time this winter in the grow box.


Above are a New Yorker and Persey both of which are new for me this year.  They have been growing great even with my neglect during their youth.  I also have some Green Zebras, Husky Cherry, Sweetie Cherry, and Yellow Cherry.  I did attempt Red Brandywine but the seeds I got appear to be duds.

Given it is always good to have a Plan B so I have twins of these tomato plants still in puts which I can bring if a cold snap comes and kills off the plants I ambitiously planted in the ground.


Elsewhere in the garden I have some herbs: Parsley and Oregano, with Basil being an unfortunately casualty which I will plan on buying from the store and try again next year.


Next I checked out my larger garden bed to see my peas, cilantro, onions, carrots, lettuce, strawberries and garlic

002 001


Lastly I checked out the peppers in the grow box which they will stay until we have some warmer nights (at least 50 degrees) otherwise can cause significant stunting of growth.  So until then they will remain happy in the grow box and given they are still pretty small, still plenty of room to grow…



3 Responses to “Earth Day in the garden”

  1. Rob Says:

    Hey Cheapo! Wow you got some nice tom plants early! I need to find a better way to start my plants. And I need to learn to double the amount I start!

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Rob, how is the green house working this year? Thought you would have a forest growing in there this year.

    David, yeah I am pushing the the envelope though have tried earlier and failed, though without a good greenhouse to grow some indeterminates tomatoes have to extrand the grwoign season as much as possible…may have to look into some water towers.

  3. David S Says:

    Hmm, I keep looking at my tomatoes and know I need to get them out, but I also go out each morning and feel how cold (40s) it is and then I tell myself to wait another week.

    Of course it is either that or buy myself another florescent light set as I am out of room for my sprouts. And this is after removing my giant squash plants to the outside for hardening.

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