How to save radish seeds


Harvesting radish seeds is a little more labor intensive than some other seeds but still pretty easy to accumulate a decent number of seeds in a short period of time.

If you let your radishes be they will grow little flowers and pods like you see below.  I like to let mother nature take care of this process as long as possible pulling them only after temperatures start to dip and heavy rains start coming.  At that time I will pick the plants and hang them in the garage to dry a little longer.


Once the pods are dry, they should resemble those of the ones below.


All that is left to do is use your finger nail to split the pod open and with a quick swipe of your finger pop the seeds out into an awaiting container.  One other option is to simply leave them in the pod and open them up during planting.  Now they will take a significantly more space though if you only need a few seeds, definitely a viable option.


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  1. I usually let a few go to seed because the flowers are quite lovely. I collected a few seeds, but I have enough left from last year and I'd like to try a few different kinds. I've heard you can eat the pods as well, they might be good on salad.

  2. I have never tried eating the pods though collected a few extra seeds to use for sprouts.

  3. I keep trying to save radish seeds, but I always fail because I cannot stop eating the pods. I love them.

  4. Katxena, I guess I better find out what I am missing out on. So are they eaten raw, stir fried?

  5. cheap veg gardener. probably a bit late now lol but you eat them raw, preferrably whilst they are younger smaller pods, as they tend to get fiberous if left too long on the plant. Deffo recommend them. happy picking

  6. Thank you for sharing this informative site. I’ve been trying to find the seeds in the flowers, but now I’ll start looking for the pods.

  7. thanks . i had herd the pods of the radish were very nice i will have to give it a go

    • Given I normally do not grow too many radishes I have just kept them in their pods until I was ready to plant as well.

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