Aquarium with plant filtration system powered by fish poop (aka aquaponics)


Yet another design concept, though seems like there are definitely plans for this one to go into production next year.  The concept is very simple, fish poop in the water, pump brings “soiled” water to filter through some river sand, bacteria converts “impurities” to nitrates, and finally the plants absorb the nitrates as food returning cleaner water back to the fishes.

Now this has a couple of good target markets for environmental friendly types  who can feel good about the natural filtration of the water.  Second is lazy types who can use this as a reason to not have to change the water for an extra week.  I fall under both categories so if priced right I may be seeing one of these on my desk in the next year, unless the price is horrendous in which I will be creating my own version which I will be sure to share here.

[Duende Studio via CoolHunting vi Gizmodo]

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