Make a worm bin out of a bath tub


Over at LifeBoat Farm they have created this great DIY Worm Farm out of an old bathtub.  What I like about this build is they could have easily taken the bathtub propped it up on some cinder blocks and have been done with it.  They took the extra effort with the wood enclosure (with bonus storage shelf) and proper drainage making use of the actual drain it almost appears that this is the true use for this bath tub.



14 Responses to “Make a worm bin out of a bath tub”

  1. Robj98168 Says:

    I just hope they insulate that tub- I didn’t insulate my worm bin and forgot to take inside to the shed and froze all my little buddies:(

  2. Patrice Farmer Says:

    Rob, they will still contribute to the your compost, just a little differently. That is a super duper way to use a tub…I see freecycles for tubs and sinks all the time. I wish I could do something like that. For less handy people, what could you use?

  3. Shelby Says:

    Make sure you check for lead glaze, and paint over it if you find lead. A lot of old tubs will have lead in their glaze.

  4. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Robj98168, If the tub is big enough should stay pretty warm in the middle given that soil can be a decent insulator when it is deep enough. Though adding a little insulation could still be a nice touch to enclose the thing a little more. I normally bring my worm bin into the garage during the winter. This year I was lazy and just put them in my main compost and I checked them when it was warm a couple weeks ago and they looked like they were doing fine.Patrice, well there is always the Rubbermaid worm bin method You can also do the same with 5 gallon buckets and a method I want to try is plastic plant carriers (thing that holds the 12/24 pots at garden center nursery.Shelby, good point.

  5. Robj98168 Says:

    Patrice- Just use a rubbermaid roughneck drill holes one bottom for drainage and some on the sides near the top for air and remeber to put some bug screen over the holes. A potted plant water catcher on the bottom to catch drainage! Yup my little buddies are now part of my traditional composter.

  6. DirtDigger (Tessa) Says:

    I love this design! I was going to get a worm composter going last year, but it just didn’t happen. I might be selling my home soon, so until I get settled it has been put off. I’m going to rethink my design after looking at your post.

  7. Theresa/GardenFreshLiving Says:

    That is so clever. It would make a great planter too! Just fill it with potatoes or carrots or something wonderful! So cute.

  8. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Theresa, even better combine both and have the worm bin/farm garden 🙂

  9. farmgeek Says:

    Thanks all for the positive comments. We live in a pretty temperate part of NZ so even in the worst of winter the little guys stay warm enough.

  10. Kathy Says:

    We’ll be redoing our bathroom – old tub is vinyl covering cast iron. Really too small to use as a tub (that’s why we’re getting rid of it). I can’t wait to do this. Plan on using my kitchen scraps as compost and raise me some good dirt!! Thanks so much for finding this. Maybe I’ll use the old sink too. Oooooo – maybe the toilet too!?! What a rip! I’ll just move my old bathroom into the garden!!!

  11. Kimberly Says:

    lol, this looks like a great idea. But, all my worms grow under the rabbit hutches and in my compost. I see this as a potting bench!! Mix up a nice batch of soil in the tub, and fill those pots! :0) Or, as Theresa said, a very nice planter!

  12. Brennan Says:

    Used a Rubbermaid last year w/ plenty of holes in the top, etc…. Forgot to put a bug screen on though, and didn’t realize it until after a mass exodus. Fortunately, the exodus occurred in the greenhouse, so all my little friends burrowed where they were going eventually anyhow! Still, I wasn’t too successful with the bin. I will try again this year…

  13. Bonnie Says:

    We rehabbed a mobile home last year and have the old fiberglass tub.Would that work?

  14. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Bonnie, I don’t see why not.

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