Robotic Wheel Barrow


If you ever have spent a day hauling soil/gravel you know this can cause some serious pains in your back.  Now with the Lawnbot 400 you can save some pain and let the evil robots do the hard labor for you.

The project started as an arduino powered lawn mower with a custom PCB motor driver powered by a couple of wheel chair motors, which mike many projects he just couldn’t stop improving.  Great work…

2 Responses to “Robotic Wheel Barrow”

  1. Rob Says:

    LOL! ROFLMFAO! I like this. I NEED THIS. Reminds me of my dad’s old Desoto Dump Truck- it was a custom made truck- DeSoto never made a truck… had a lever that you pulled and the bed dumped… you just had to make sure to load toward the rear of the box!

  2. Ragnar Says:

    Hows THAT for a slice of fried gold!

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