First tomato appeared in the grow box


I noticed a tiny tomato starting on one my plants growing in my computerized grow box under 120 watt LEDs grow lights.  Given our lower than average temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest this year (lows averaging in the low 40s) not sure if these plants will ever make it outside…

Even though I was somewhat pessimistic for my seed starting times and facing the difficult decision:

1. Keep them in the grow box where they risk becoming root bound and limited vertical space to grow

2. Let them go outside and be challenged by the poor growing environments

I do have some ideas to help make this decision easier, but I have some experimenting to do and will post on that later with accompanying photos…

2 Responses to “First tomato appeared in the grow box”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    It’s great to see a tomato forming. Our seedlings are just getting started. I need to start a grow light system!

  2. SixBalloons Says:

    As your nearby neighbour in Vancouver, I can relate. My seedlings are outside, covered, in their pots and are flowering already..!

    I have potted some tomatoes under shelter and am planning to plant mine under row cover outside. I’m determined to eat tomatoes and peppers from my garden this summer!

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