Easiest way to peel a tomato



If you have a lot of tomatoes to peel, I would recommend the classic method of quickly boiling and chilling the tomatoes.  Though if you have just a few tomatoes and are making something like pizza sauce or making a little salsa here is the technique for you.

Step #1: Slice your tomatoes and remove seeds.  Start by slicing your tomatoes down the middle and remove any seeds and membrane using a small spoon.


Step #2: Grate tomato.  Use your standard cheese grater and shave off all the flesh.  The skin should be thick enough to keep your fingers safe, but still be careful.


In the end you should have some nice grated tomato ready to make some tomato sauce or some fresh salsa with no chopping required.


All that is left if your tomato peels, but don’t throw them in your compost I have a post coming up with a great way to not waste these tasty part of your tomatoes.


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