Computerized grow box update


Haven’t mentioned the computerized grow box for a while, so think it is a good time for an update.  The moisture sensor corroded away, but have plans to make a much more beefier one.  With the exception of the hard drive failure, the basic functionality of the computerized grow box has been excellent and the plants have been thriving.  The only physical improvement I have made is adding some particle board to the top and side (salvaged from packaging material from some furniture we ordered) of the grow box.  This helps retain heat and allows the access panel to stay put without requiring tape and/or bags of coffee grounds propped against it.  I also mounted the LCD panel securely to the top of the box.


They say as your paycheck increases, somehow your expenses follow suit.  I have a feeling same concept applies for grow boxes.  As the computerized grow box is about four times bigger than my PC grow box it has quickly getting pretty crowded waiting for the time I can move my summer vegetables outside.  I am planning on doing some reorganization this weekend to clean things up a little bit but still going to be pretty tight quarters. 


The current inventory in the grow box are 12 tomato plants (was 18 but gave six away at a recent gardening talk), 2 cucumber plants (had one fatality from Peat/WonderSoil experiment, looks like Peat lost), 6 pepper plants (need transplanting), and a cilantro plant which was the source of my first harvest of the year.

Now just hoping Punxsutawney Phil is wrong and we really don’t have six more weeks of winter, though with the snow we got two days ago and the current temperature outside, I think he might be right.

6 Responses to “Computerized grow box update”

  1. Patrice Farmer Says:

    Thats pretty cool. I wish I knew how to do that.

  2. Red Icculus Says:

    Wonder Soil is great. I can let it get more rootbound than peat before having to transplant, just based on the makeup of the medium.

  3. Gardeness Says:

    Wow. That’s dedication. I need to show this to my tech husband.

  4. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Patrice/Gardeness, concept is actually pretty simply for the grow box, make a enclosed box 🙂 There is the lower tech option of just using a standard light timer.Red, yeah I can’t say enough positive things about WonderSoil. Hoping to see it in local store soon. Still considering just buying a case of the ground wafers.

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