Growing vegetables gardens in stumps


Many people may have heard of guerilla gardening where eager gardeners will make use of an abandoned lot and start a little vegetable garden on the down low.  Here is another take on a similar idea but a little more out in the open.

My brother-in-law lives in a condominium that unfortunately does not provide much space for an outdoor garden with the exception of several potted plants on a patio.  Looking for a what to expand his garden and get some sun loving plants in the ground he found a great location in some rotting stumps in a common area.

First he dug out some of the rotten wood with enough space of the desired plant to grow.  Next he filled the area with some good quality soil, plant, and water and let nature do the rest of the work.

So far the results look great with some cucumbers ready for picking…


And some nice ripe tomatoes on the vine.


Now one of the disadvantages of growing outside of your own land is you may end up with some fruit missing from people passing by but definitely a great way to bring a little more life to your neighborhood.

6 Responses to “Growing vegetables gardens in stumps”

  1. Dan Owen Says:

    A great idea! I wonder, however, what effect the rooting wood has on factors like the pH?

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Dan, I would think this would depend on amount of volume of dirt that was added to the stump. If the ratio is pretty high I can’t imagine the natural wood rotting would have much of an overall effect on the overall pH of the soil. If you add some good organic matter sure you could keep the balance to your advantage.

  3. Delora Says:

    Brilliant, I love this! We had lost a tree in a storm last winter, and since I hadn’t gotten around to using the space for anything else (it’s in the front yard right by the sidewalk in full sun) I threw some tomato and pepper plants in there this spring. The stump had been ground, but none of the ground wood had yet composted, so I mixed in a few mower bags of grass clippings to get a good green blend, and planted in that. They’re the best tomato plants I’ve ever grown! I can’t wait to see what the soil looks like when I pull the plants out at the end of the season.

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