Kids eating vegetables from the garden


One of my many reasons for growing a vegetable garden was to encourage my daughters (four and seven) to eat more vegetables.  Currently other than a few raw carrots they do everything they can to avoid them.  In the previous years, with the exception of strawberries and potatoes in “Baked French Fry form,” I have been the primary consumer of our garden harvest.

This changed this weekend when my youngest daughter tried and decided she loved peas (pea pods)  I even heard the quote, “I like peas more than fries” and if you only knew how much she loved fries you would understand how much of a compliment this is.  Not to miss out on the extra attention her younger sister was getting, our older daughter tried the peas with less stellar results though definitely gave her points for trying.

Right now our plants are not keeping up with demand with my daughter eating every pod that comes out.  The old primary consumer is patiently waiting for the time when the plants are producing way more than we can keep up with so I can have some extra sweet peas myself.  But really who could deny that cute face any delicious peas.


6 Responses to “Kids eating vegetables from the garden”

  1. Jen Says:

    Those pictures really capture what a garden is all about! Luckily my boys will choose fruit and veggies over most other kinds of food, but I still can't wait to see their faces when they can pick their snacks fresh themselves!

  2. Tom Buskey Says:

    I'm convinced that one of the reasons my kids like veggies is the garden and our CSA (which has pick your own).The combo of good fresh taste and picking your own is irristible. It always feels like you're getting away with something.My kids & the neighbors are always eating the mint & chives. Heck, I did when I was a kid too.FWIW – I love your grow box. I started one & ended up just putting a 1-wire temp sensor in the backyard. Next year for sure 🙂

  3. Red Icculus Says:

    Aww, it's nice to see the fruits of your labor. The wife said she doesn't like peppers, but loves peppers and onions pan fried with olive oil, salt and pepper on top of EVERYTHING.

  4. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Jen, well fruit is an easier sell in our house. Vegetables not so much.Tom Buskey, I eat more vegetables while watering than I do during meals. Well don't give up on the grow box though probably easier to be inspired during the cold winter months. This time of year keeping the thing cool in my garage is a current challenge.Red, I need to do an update but have some nice baby peppers growing on my jalapeno plants right now tempted to sample one but I am resisting. Giving them a chance to grow up to their full potential.

  5. Says:

    I guess I'm lucky, my kids love vegetables. I have two that are 6 and one 2 year old. The kids love tomatoes and green peppers the most. Every year I keep adding plants to the garden to keep up with demand. Just the other day I was walking around the garden and found salt and pepper shakers in the garden. I need more space in the backyard.

  6. Conferences Leicester Says:

    This is great, it is really hard these days to get kinds to eat vegetables. It must be great having your own fruit and veg in the garden and I bet the kids love seeing them grow 🙂

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