LED/Christmas light projects

Just a friendly reminder to pick up some discounted LED or non-LED Christmas lights for some of my previous projects

Christmas LED Grow Box


Basically take a old Rubbermaid container and drill some holes and insert lights and you have your own Christmas light LED grow box.  This worked great last year to hold my seedlings until they were ready to move into the bigger grow box in the garage.  Here are some posts on construction and updates:

Cheap LED Light and Grow Box
Christmas light LED grow box – Update #1
Christmas light LED grow box – Update #2

Supplemental Christmas LED Light


Similar idea to the LED grow box, though used in addition to your normal grow lights for a little additional red wavelength light, see posts below for complete construction directions:

Make your own supplemental LED grow light

Heating row tunnels (or grow box) with non-LED lights

Replacing your old Christmas lights with LEDs to save on your electricity bill?  You can use your old regular old Christmas lights to heat your row tunnels to increase the temperature by about 10 degrees to help get your plants out a ahead of schedule.  I have been using some of mine in my grow box to help during some of our colder nights this winter.

Heating row tunnels and grow box with Christmas lights

5 Responses to “LED/Christmas light projects”

  1. Megan Says:

    I came across the post yesterday and I got very excited. It's only the end of December and I've already been itching to garden again. As a freshly graduated college student who has moved back home to her parents, I can't wait to begin digging up their backyard. When I saw this post I immediately went out to search for lights. I was finally successful in finding 1 pack. I had very leggy plants last year that really didn't survive so I'm hoping this is my solution! Thanks for posting such great things and ideas!

  2. Cinj Says:

    Wow, those sound like some excellent uses for lights on the after Christmas clearance. I may have to add some to my tabletop greenhouse, I was so upset that I couldn't find a light that wasn't too hot to fit in there. You're a genius! I hope they have some left still!

  3. LED Christmas Lights Says:

    LED Christmas lights use light emitting diodes rather than the traditional miniature incandescent bulbs!

  4. Smart Strands Says:

    Definitely check out the online retailers for discounts after Christmas or even just before!

  5. Kayla Says:

    I was looking for something completely different,got your page LED/Christmas light projects and found it Interesting.Nice Post on the bigger lights…

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