Make your own supplemental LED grow light


I never got a round to making a hydroponic system out of my Cafe Steamer, but I did use part of it to create a supplemental red LED light.  The construction of this was very easy and you can do the same thing with an old string of LED Christmas lights and some soft plastic (margarine or frozen dinner container) from your recycling bin.

Take the plastic and drill evenly spaced holes through the plastic.  Make sure to do a few test holes with a few different bits to determine which will allow a snug fit but not causing you to force/break the bulbs.  Once all the holes are drilled, carefully slide in all the bulbs, plug it in, and your project is done.


I am adding this one to my computerized grow box as a little supplemental light for my peppers plants, which I am planning on growing completely indoors this year.

7 Responses to “Make your own supplemental LED grow light”

  1. MiniKat Says:

    Wow. I just found your blog via pussman. I wanted to say hello and tell youhow cool the cat-5 trellis is. My husband will so want to do that now. 😉

  2. Blossom Says:

    A great project for this school holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Leaving cords plugged in and bunched up like that can create a magnetic field that can heat the cord up enought to melt the isulation and cause a fire, so be careful about leaving such a contraption unattended

  4. Ragnar Says:

    This is true if you have some power tool or a light with more that 100W connected. With a consumer like a LED you can go for a gordian knot if you wish to do so. But generally you are right.

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