Plan your garden with Sprout Robot


I came across Sprout Robot in the past week, you simply create an account and provide your zip code and it will give you a complete calendar of planting dates as well as follow ups when to expect sprouts to form, when to bring out, harvest etc.

When a new event is coming up you will get an email similar to the one below letting you know what is new to plant that week. 


When you connect to the site you then can “Check-In” and check off the tasks you have completed which get updated with next event for that plant.

They also have an option where they will even send out organic seeds just in time for planting in your area starting at $19.99 a year, though personally I have plenty of seeds saved for at a couple of years in my refrigerator.

4 Responses to “Plan your garden with Sprout Robot”

  1. Forsythkid Says:

    The Sprout Robot is pretty neat. AS far as seeds go, I get mine from a local Home Depot where they sell Burpee seeds at about half the cost of ordering online!

  2. Tyler Says:

    I like Sprout Robot, very nice tool, similar to SpringPlanting on Skippy’s Vegetable Garden. I need these reminders! They keep me from going crazy reading the seed packets every week 🙂

  3. Rob Says:

    I just tried sprout robot, thanks to your blog- I like it- kinda like having an almanac to tell when it is time to do things!

  4. utility cart Says:

    is this applicable for all types of vegetable plants and is it that accurate?

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