Cheap Vegetable Seeds

Cheap vegetable seeds

Looking at my web logs I have seen the query for “cheap vegetable seeds” a few times so figured would be good to help people find what they are looking for. Being The Cheap Vegetable Gardener, I can do better than “Cheap vegetable seeds” how about some “free vegetable seeds” as well.

Cheap Vegetable Seeds

  • Buy online — You can find a much greater selection and some great prices compared to your local home and garden center. For example right now:
    • One of my favorites is Burpee Seeds, they have been around since 1876 and definitely know their stuff. The actually have a seed sale going on now where you get $15 off on order of $75 (just use code AFFB4A35) expires on 1/15.
    • The name is not too exciting but Generic Seeds offers no thrills packaging with quality seeds and very reasonable prices and if you spend $20 or more shipping is on them.
  • Local seed swaps — Many groups will have annual seed swaps where you enter for a small fee and/or a packet or two of seeds and you leave with much more than you came with.
  • Free Vegetable Seeds (pretty much)

    • Ask your neighbors — Notice your neighbor is a gardener, check if they want to go in on a seed order and share unless you really need 200 carrots this year.
    • Harvest your own seeds — If your plants bolt to seed early this year, don’t pull them out let them create some seeds for next season. Notice your neighbor has some seeding plants, ask if you can get some (important part is to ask though)
    • Get seeds from the grocery store — Before putting those vegetables in the compost bin, set the seeds aside to let them dry and you got some free seeds. Though a word of warning many vegetables are hybrids and may be infertile or not produce the same quality of product but hey its free.
    • Check your spice rack — Many cases you can plant seeds from your spice rack. Some ideas, mustard seed, dill seed, coriander, poppy seed, celery seed. If your spice rack is lacking you can pay a few cents buy a teaspoon of organic spices in bulk, last time I bought dill seeds got about 100 seeds for $0.05.
    • Seed swap web sites — Below I have listed a few links where you can share seeds with others. This is a great way to find some heirloom seeds you might not be able to find in stores/seed catalogs. In many cases people will offer seeds for free by just sending a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) Just remember to pay it forward when you come into a plethora of seeds yourself.

    22 Responses to “Cheap Vegetable Seeds”

    1. Kared Says:

      Huh, I never thought of planting dill from the spice rack. Does it really work?! That’s awesome!

    2. Patrice Farmer Says:

      OMG, I never thought to plant the dry seeds in the cupboard. Thanks.

    3. Daphne Says:

      Just a warning if you try to grow your seeds from your spice rack. Test the germination rate first. Dill seed can live a decade, but it can die in just a few years too. Just purchased seed is probably fine (though it could have been sitting there for years). If you take the seed from your shelf and haven’t been replacing your spices every couple of years, those old ones might have issues. It is safer to test them in a moist paper towel inside.

    4. Says:

      Great ideas…Our FAV place right now for inexpensive seeds is They have twenty-five cent seeds on some of their supply. Other than that, there are GREAT prices right now at West Seattle Nursery (for you local Seattle folks). Our other online source is heirloom seeds dot com.Thanks for the info post… going to go get some more seeds now!! LOL

    5. Jessica Says:

      Love it, thanks!!

    6. Laura Says:

      I “hit the jackpot” on free seeds about 6 years ago- the garden center where I used to work was getting the new seed displays early in the year and I got to take home whatever I wanted from the old displays. So the seeds were a year old, who can beat FREE???

    7. Pamela Says: sends out a VERY nice assortment of flower and veggie seeds for the cost of a SASE. You can also get some heirloom tomato seeds from them the same way. They promise six of each kind, but I got about twenty packets of seeds from them with my two SASEs. It was a really nice assortment. The flowers and veggies are an assortment they pick, but you can choose your own tomato seeds.

    8. Donica Ben Says:

      I’ve been going here for a few years now – for a non-commercial (ie – just looking to feed your family) their selection and price (35 cent sample seed packets!) is amazing.

      I haven’t had problems with their germination rate. I CANNOT recommend them enough.

    9. bayu Says:

      You can send me a cauliflower seeds for free??
      please ….
      I am in Indonesia
      I let you know via email

    10. ed Says:

      I have planted 8 year old dried green peas. Germinated pretty well.
      Also planted other types of dried legumes. Great success!
      Planting spices… I had not thought of that

    11. Nicole Says:

      I used for free seeds, it’s like ebay but you can list free items and use your credits to get stuff. So far I’ve gotten tomato, collard greens and pepper seeds. Which is great because I am broke.

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    13. Mell Randall Says:

      I am on one leg and would like help with some seeds. Garden is drying out and i want to get outside. M.A.R.

    14. Diane Says:

      Ran across your site while looking for vegetable seeds. Thank you for taking the time to be so informative 🙂

    15. Melanie Ellsworth Says:

      wow thanks for all the info! I tend to collect seeds now that I have a garden and I love it!
      your blog is great!

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    22. brand cook Says:

      Love it great idea

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