cayenne peppers growing indoors


Well this is the soonest I have gotten peppers growing, but the temperature controlled grow box did help out a lot.  I brought this pant indoors last year when it still had a half dozen green peppers on it when the temperatures started to decline.  The peppers turned red and a picked and dried them out for cayenne powder and sort of forgot about this plant. 


It went dormant and by sheer neglect somehow survived so when I noticed that leaves started growing from it I quickly gave it a good watering and put it back in the grow box where it has come back strong and plan on getting enough peppers from this plant to meet my BBQ needs for a good year.

3 Responses to “cayenne peppers growing indoors”

  1. Scott Says:

    Here was a good question on when to grow chili peppers

  2. Tommy - Vegetable Gardening Today Says:

    Thanks for the update. My attempts at this process in the past has never been successful to say the least. Thanks to your inspiration I’ll give it another chance this fall.


  3. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Tommy, think the trick is to not try too hard. I have tried with jalapenos in the past without any success.

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