Growing basil indoors with a desk lamp


I recently moved to a new office building and unfortunately I had a lacked a few years at the company to get a window office.  With a desire to have some plant life in my office, I grabbed a couple of the basil plants I cloned, dropped them in some potting soil, and positioned a desk lamp with a CFL bulb.  I can’t seem to find my lamp timer so the light has been staying on for 24 hours a day.


The results have been great, the plants are thriving with great green foliage (much greener than its cloned parent was outside this summer)  Shortly after taking the picture above a harvested some of the leaves and used the top portion to clone into a new basil plant.

Just shows you don’t need a fancy grow box or AeroGarden to grow indoors and you are also not limited to boring shade loving potted plants in your office.

5 Responses to “Growing basil indoors with a desk lamp”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Wow! that is awesome. I brought one of my basil plants indoors to my enclosed porch because we had a really bad storm. I hope it grows like this!

  2. Red Icculus Says:

    I did something similar when I lived in cubicle hell. Unfortunately, someone poured coffee on my mandevilla when I wasn’t around 🙁

  3. Julie Says:

    What a great idea! Do you have a wattage suggestion?

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