Seedlings thriving in the grow box


I have almost everything planted at least germinating in my grow box.  As you may be able to see from the labels I am growing a variety of peppers this year as well as a few different onions and tomatoes.  I also have garlic and some onions I overwintered already outside and peas already in the ground.


I did successfully grow some peppers in the grow box over the winter, though as you can see below their size was lacking and the plant has been perking up a bit with some new growth once I added some better controlled heating and the LED lights.


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  1. James Says:

    Your seedlings look good. I did mine last weekend and some have mold on them, ACCCKK! I forgot to open the vents on the seed starter lid. Going to remove the peet puck outside to try to salvage the seeds. Got any good links for starting seedlings and best way to use the those seed trays?a

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    A little mold is nothing to be too worried about, natural process when peat is mixed with water. Just providing a little extra airflow (opening vents or adding a fan as Ragnar mentioned) and your mold should go away and seeds will be fine.

  3. Ragnar Says:

    Moving air, even with a small PC-fan can help avoiding build up of mold quite well. And, as you already mentioned, opening the air vents, when the first real leafs show up at the latest.

  4. James Says:

    Thanks for the tips Ragnar and TCVG. The lid has been off the past couple days to dry them out a bit to help get rid of the mold. The green mold is pretty bad on some so I’m going to be conservative and remove any I see.

  5. Ragnar Says:

    Mold is quite a strong thing and spreads with it’s spores almost invisibly. Try to move other seedlings away from that patch and don’t blow the air into their direction. If you have the time, and things get worse, try a new grow, sometimes it’s better to abandon, than to further spread diseases. Powdered mildew is such a pain, once caught I’d recommend a flame thrower (local laws apply).

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