Hydroponic Grow box update


Currently in the grow box I have some basil and more recently strawberries added as I was “weeding” my garden I found a bunch more starts.  Though I have seen basil do well in hydroponic systems mine is turning pretty leggy and quickly loosing lower leaves.  The strawberries on the other hand and thriving in the environment.  Probably will let them stay in there a little longer until the peppers get too big and make me move the hydroponic system outdoors. 

I also tried some peppers but unfortunately they got a little too much of a freeze from a previous machine failure and didn’t quite make it.

For those who can’t get enough of time lapse videos here is some interesting growth going on in the grow box.

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  1. Dina Berry Says:

    What are the brown pebbles in the containers? I want to do hydro but don’t know how – can you recommend a book?

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    The “brown pebbles” are hydroton which are basically clay pellets you can pick up a big bag at a hydroponic store for $5-6. You can also use other mediums such as perlite, small pebbles, pea gravel, sand, and many others. Some plants plants may need a some looser material but for strawberries from what I have seen personally they will grow in just about anything.

    There is also aeroponics (think AeroGarden) where root are suspended in air and sprayed with nutrients/water. As for books I actually have not read any but the concept of hydroponics have been around for hundreds of years so sure you probably can find several at your local library.

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  5. Matt Says:


    Smashing good start there, I am very interested to start my own auto grow project this year! I’m doing some cost analysis at the moment and was wondering if you’d be willing to talk more about your project as well as share ideas for design, cost control, lighting, reflectors etc!


    p.s. drop me a line or find me online at mdstaf@aol.com for chatting (AIM) or mattstaff on twitter!

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