Attack of the garlic


I either forgot to harvest a couple bulbs of garlic, or the mild winter we had in the Northwest may have allowed the garlic I planted last fall to slowly develop some bulbs.  Thinking the first option is more likely, but did present me with a problem of some very tightly grouped garlic.

Fortunately the solution to this problem was very simple.  I pulled up the garlic bunches and gently separated the individual garlic plants.  Finally I carefully replanted at much better spacing and followed up with a little watering.  The unfortunate side effect is now I have 75% of my cold weather plot growing garlic.  On the positively side with proper preparation garlic stores well and I can definitely feel less guilty harvesting some of my garlic before they start developing bulbs.

Also provided that garlic does not require a lot of root space I should be able to plant some random veggies between them.

3 Responses to “Attack of the garlic”

  1. David S Says:

    Sounds like my egyptian walking topset onions, if you forget about them or do not get all of the bulbs out come next year you will have forest of onions.

  2. Scott Says:

    I too had the same thing happen with some onions – actually I let them grow, they were ok.

  3. Stone Art Blog Says:

    I love garlic, and would be totally fine with being overrun with the stuff. Have been thinking of growing it myself, as it is so hard to get good quality garlic from the store.

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