Brown spots on tomatoes

brown spots on tomato

Looks like our recent weekly rainy weather may have taken my tomatoes as a victim of blight. Living in the Pacific Northwest I should have known better and protected them with some plastic during our frequent waves of rainy weather. Being an optimist can anyone overturn my diagnosis? Any hopes of saving this fruit?

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  1. photomaineac Says:

    After reviewing Blight for what it is and how it works, I have come to the conclusion that it was sprayed from air planes. It could not have spread though my whole State as fast as it has without help. The blight was in the rain along with other chemicals that the Government spray’s from planes. Why, I’m not so sure other than they are all crooks and sick individuals! When you research cloud seeding with the understanding that population reduction is under way, the picture is very clear! It is going to be the most interesting decade in a long long time! Good luck all and better luck with your gardens next year ( in a green house)? Me. is full of it!!!!

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