More Early peppers

jalapeno pepper plantsweet yellow pepper plant

The tomatoes have been lacking this year though the peppers are still doing great. 

Under normal circumstances this would make no sense at all but the secret with this success is the two months this summer these peppers have been spending in the grow box with their perfect temperature and lighting conditions…otherwise there is little hope for me growing peppers in my short season here in the Pacific Northwest.

6 Responses to “More Early peppers”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Those are nice looking peppers. The only pepper plant that we have that is fruiting is our habanero. Still no bell peppers to be had. Waiting waiting.

  2. Teresia Says:

    Peppers look very good.
    I have been getting peppers for about a month now…it helps that our temps have been in the 90’s for a while… heat gluttens they are.

  3. Red Icculus Says:

    The shiny-ness on the leaves tells me that you have plenty of humus in your soil or that you fertilize with some manner of compost/manure/castings.

    They look great!

  4. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Teresia, had a couple days in the 90s though happy with anything over 70 here.

    Red Icculus, actually just pain old potting soil with a little extra perlite and some sprinkling of bloodmeal/bonemeal. Though do need to give them a good treatment of compost tea next week. Though when I took them out of the grow box the leaves were so shiny they almost looked fake. They really enjoyed the temperature control and the CFLs…

  5. foliar_spray Says:

    Those peppers sure look very healthy and delicious. What can I say, you really have a green thumb! You mentioned that you are growing them under CFL, how much light are you giving them? How about the temperature? Honestly, I never really had any luck in using CFLs, or I may be using it the wrong way…any tips on what type or brand of CFL should I use? Thanks 🙂

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