The Plant Whisperer

The author had a problems keeping his plants alive and provided the plants could not call out for help, he fixed this with a little bit of electronics.  It will call out when it is dry and needs watering by saying phrases such as, “I’M THIRSTY!  WATER ME!”

It is also detects the ambient light level and makes comments on that as well.  This was put together with a little knowhow and about $30 worth of parts.

Instructables Via Hack-A-Day

More Early peppers

jalapeno pepper plantsweet yellow pepper plant

The tomatoes have been lacking this year though the peppers are still doing great. 

Under normal circumstances this would make no sense at all but the secret with this success is the two months this summer these peppers have been spending in the grow box with their perfect temperature and lighting conditions…otherwise there is little hope for me growing peppers in my short season here in the Pacific Northwest.

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