Successive Pea Planting


Last year by 5 year old learned she likes to pick and eat fresh pea pods and was very diligent on harvesting new peas as she found them.  Unfortunately this meant less peas for me.  This year I am using successive planting to ensure I get my fill this year but also do not get overwhelmed with one big harvest all at once.

I started the process about a month ago by soaking my sugar snap peas in water overnight…then forgetting about them and ended up planting them by flashlight in the rain the following day.  I couple weeks later I did the same for my snow peas in a separate part of my garden. 

If everything goes as planned I should get some early snap peas and followed by some snow peas 2-3 weeks later.  Even if my plants do not cooperate and I get overwhelmed with too many peas I can always leave a few on the plants and harvest the pea seeds for next year.

4 Responses to “Successive Pea Planting”

  1. Matron Says:

    Wonderful to hear that your young one loves to spend time on the patch eating fresh veggies! I am trying the successional planting this year too with my broad beans. I find that the blackfly are all over the first crop and then leave subsequent crops alone!

  2. Ragnar Says:

    I wish you luck on the peas, as we hadn’t any to speak of so far 😀

  3. Jen - Legal Bud Says:

    This is such a good idea. Sometimes the simplest ideas, like not planting the whole bunch all at once, illude me. Good thinking!

  4. Attila Says:

    Oh yeah I know what you mean by successive planting, last year, and again this year we sown hundreds of seeds from here href=”” and ended up with lots of fresh peas instead a nice and steady crop all summer long. Good Idea!

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