Picking wild blackberries – the sequel

I enjoyed the blackberry pie so much I decided we needed some blackberry jam as well. I picked so sparsely at my first public berry picking location that I could have gone back and easily found enough berries to make jam, but it was a nice day and decided to take a walk in the woods with my youngest daughter. After exploring (getting lost for two hours) and picking various species of blackberries, I finally found civilization and called my wife to pick us, since walking along a busy road with no shoulder with a jogging stroller didn’t seem like a good idea (and I was tired).

I picked enough berries during our adventure for my wife to make 8 jars of jam (7 put in jars, 1 put in Tupperware for immediate consumption) I would provide our secret jam recipe but the nice people already put it on the package of SURE-JELL pectin.

7 cups of sugar $ 1.50
8 pints of blackberries $ 0.00
Pectin $ 2.00
Cost per jar $ 0.44

4 Responses to “Picking wild blackberries – the sequel”

  1. Karen Says:

    How about that, home-made, cheap, and delicious! That’s the way to do it. Plus, you got a walk in the woods out of it too!- Karenhttp://greenwalks.wordpress.com

  2. Cinj Says:

    MMM. If I could only get enough blackberries off of my bushes, I would love to make some. I’m still working on saving enough berries for one thing. If I could just avoid any more beestings I’d be all set!

  3. Shibaguyz Says:

    Nice to see a fellow PNW free-berry jam maker!

  4. Stealing natures free blackberries Says:

    […] Blackberry Jam […]

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