2012 Gardening wish list


Maybe you are looking for something to add to your Christmas list or a fellow gardener you still need to buy for here are a few items on my list…let me know if anyone needs my address (smile).

Indoor Grow Tent Though my homemade computerized grow box works pretty good there is something appealing about having something like this Indoor Grow Tent to provide some more growing space and also clean things up in my growing area in my garage and well as improve the light efficiency with the light reflective properties of the sides of the grow tent.
Seedling Heat Mat Even with my grow box I am always running out of room for my seedlings each winter/spring so having an extra Seedling Heat Mat is a pretty inexpensive way to start some seeds with just the cost of a seedling mat and cheap seed flat you can enable a head start to your garden.
Gardening Kneeling Pad For many years I did most of my gardening squatting down or hunched over now I am getting order I can not maintain these positions as long as before so the addition of a classic kneeling gardening cushion can be just the thing to save my knees as well as my back during prolonged weeding and planting.
Square Foot Gardening Book I have mentioned the book “All New Square Foot Gardening” at least a few times previously and do already own a copy and is a great resource which I turn back to at least once per season.  This is on my list to pick up for friends and family just starting out with gardening as a gift this season.
Kid Friendly Gardening Tools I originally purchased this same set of kid friendly gardening tools when my oldest daughter (11 now) was just barely walking.  Now with our third daughter using them (almost 2) they have held up well but probably is about time to get a new pair.  Not only does this give the kiddos their own tools to “help” in the garden but I must say these are actually quite functional to do a little weeding or minor digging when in a pinch, which I have done at least in a few occasions.
Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook No matter how carefully I plan each year I always seem to miss some dates on either ordering seeds on time or getting seeds into the ground.  The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook helps with this problem by providing weekly reminders of what vegetables you should be order/planting and what preparations you should be doing in your garden.  This can be a very helpful tool in getting a little more organized in your vegetable garden.


Looking for more ideas for yourself or a gardener in your life?  Check out our previous gardener gifts post.

How to make a home garden greenhouse

make a home garden greenhouse

As the world is speeding up its pace of development every second, we are losing many important things on earth. Saving environment where we live is the need of the hour. We are losing so much greenery every hour around the world that the time is not far when greenery will be hard to find. Though governments are making efforts to save the environment, it’s not enough- our efforts value the most. Greenery is very important for humans life cycle as it takes in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen to breathe in.

Greenhouses are generally built to somewhat gain control over the environment suitable for plants. Greenhouses are generally build to create an atmosphere for growing off season vegetables all-round the year. One can easily make greenhouse garden at home with some easy to make a home garden greenhouse.  Below are a few popular varieties you can create yourself or purchase a kit to save a considerable amount of money.


The greenhouse frames are of three types- the “Quonset” which is simple tunnel shaped, ridged beam with taller gothic shape having arched sidewalls and third one with vertical side walls having able roof. Choice of greenhouse generally depends on cost and gardening goals. The ridged beam and Quonset are mainly for rookie gardeners who have less gardening experience.


Quonset home garden greenhouse


This basic inexpensive Quonset greenhouse structure is made from 1/2 inch PVC plastic pipe. Quonset is suitable for rookie gardeners who wish to increase the growing season and are interested in cultivating early spring seedlings. Quonset base is egg shaped, two-by-four frame directly placed on the ground. The roof has several half cut plastic lengths attached to each other with the insides of longitudinal base at distance of three to five foot. It comprises of a UV-resistant heavy plastic film, which is used for covering the roof. The walls at the ends have door frames with adjustable sliding doors on both ends providing access and ventilation to greenhouse.


Gothic home garden greenhouse

Gothic greenhouses are tall as compared to Quonset shape. They have central ridge and have arched sides. Gothic greenhouses provide better headroom and storage along with the sidewalls. This type of greenhouse can be raised on ground or concrete slab if user is planning to use growing tables or raised beds. In Gothic greenhouse wooden arches are used on inside edges of the base frame on longitudinal sides. Flexible polycarbonate or see-through panels made of fiberglass are fixed to wooden frames with screws. Adjustable sliding doors are used to cover ends for ventilation and access. Gothic greenhouses can be of great use to serious gardeners who want to increase the cultivation seasons up to four times.

Rigid Frame

Rigid frame home garden greenhouse

These greenhouses are built by professional contractors. Rigid Frame greenhouses have permanent structure without supporting pillars in center. These types of greenhouses need building permit plan approvals. Rigid Frame greenhouses are built on concrete foundations with vertical sidewalls. They have full facility of controlling humidity, lighting heating and ventilation. Its exteriors are built with fiberglass sheeting, polycarbonate panels and glass. These greenhouses can be used for cultivation all-round the year and used by professional farmers and horticultural nurseries.

These are some of the garden greenhouses which one can make according to his/her requirements and budget.

About The Author: Alia is a journalist and blogger. She is a contributor to several sites such as Marnie Bennett.

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