Growing a stevia plant


While heading to my local home improvement I noticed an unusual plant in the herb display and moved closer to investigate.  It turned out to be a Stevia plant which is more well known as the primary ingredient in a new artificial sweetener Truvia.  I immediately grabbed a good looking plant, I have wanted to grow one of these myself but given the high price of the seeds and it is known to have serious germination issues and normally leads to failure.

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First pepper of the year


It has been slow to warm up this year but finally getting some warm enough nights to bring my peppers outside for a little while.  Though they were flowering in the grow box I was surprised to see a sweet yellow pepper already growing.  This is definitely a record for me by at least a good month.

How to freeze strawberries


One thing I realized halfway through the winter was that I did not nearly save enough berries to make it through.  With local strawberries showing up in my garden and in the farmers market this seemed like a perfect time to get an early start this year.

Freezing strawberries is much like freezing other berries strawberries are just as easy with just a few simple steps:

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Winner of the "Garden Safe gift pack giveaway"


And the winner of the GardenSafe Gift Pack is…Ashley.  Thank you for everyone who entered.  I am still looking for more giveaways coming soon so you should have another chance to win shortly…

Garden Safe gift pack giveaway


Last week I was contacted by Garden Safe asking if I would like some samples and given I used the last of my insecticidal soap protecting my peas from aphids I graciously agreed.  Expecting to get a couple bottles to try out I was definitely surprised to get the lifetime supply (at least fro my little garden above)

Not wanting to share the love with my readers they also agreed to offer a gift pack to giveaway.  Not only does it include the products pictured below but also a garden tote bag with a weeding fork, sprayer, hand rake, trowel, transplanter, and clipper AND $20 gift card to Lowe’s.  I don’t know the exact retail value of this gift package but my back of the envelope estimate is at least $100.


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Scallions, green onions, and spring onions


I guess while we are at lets not leave out shallots, salad onions, bunching onions, and green sticks.  For the purists a scallion is technically slightly less mature than a green onions.  No matter what you call them this is a very versatile version of the conventional mature bulb version of the vegetable and shouldn’t be overlooked in your garden.

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