Ok, so now where did the the cilantro go?

Well I wrote a couple weeks about my surprise of the missing tomoatos, last week I went back to my favorite Mexican restaurant at work and noticed cilantro has also been removed as a choice of condiments. Going back to my desk I discovered that cilantro and peppers have been added to the list of produce that has been reported tainted with salmonella. With the whole law of supply and demand maybe I should start selling my cilantro and tomotoes at the local farmers market.

Where did the tomatoes go?

I have to admit I am not that great about keeping up with my current events, so if it is not in Engadget or my various gardening RSS feeds I haven’t heard about it. So after the second day I noticing the lack of tomatoes in the cafeteria at work I had to investigate. For anyone who watches the news or reads a newspaper apparently there was a widespread outbreak of salmonella in raw red plum, red Roma and round red tomatoes with reports in almost every state in the US according to the FDA.

If you have been thinking about growing your own tomatoes (or any other produce) and the thought of having a constant supply of fresh produce in your backyard, better taste, more selection, and increased prices for produce was not enough for you to start. Now you can add safety can be added to the list with the reassurance that you know exactly what has gone into the soil of the food you are eating.

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