My greenberry bushes

Well hopefully in a another week I will have some nice blueberries. Blueberries need to cross polinate so early this spring I bought a Berkeley and a Toro, being a first year plant I should have pinched off the blossoms and let the plant use its energy for growth versus fruiting. Being impatent and wanting to harvest the two dozen berries I should get this year (unless the birds beat me to them) I let nature take its course. I helped them out by adding some organic fertilizer specific for blueberries with provides nutrients but also help increase the acidicy of the soil which blueberries thrive in. I was also careful to water frequently but not enough the drown their shallow roots but at the same time not letting them dry out.

One Response to “My greenberry bushes”

  1. Matron Says:

    So exciting isn’t it? my blueberries look just like yours at the moment. So tempting to pick them too early and they taste horrible unless you are patient and leave them to get completely ripe then they are heavenly. I only use rainwater on my blueberries and never tap water.

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