Harvesting some Bok Choy from my winter garden

Bok Choy

I got my first harvest from my winter garden, I could have given this a couple weeks more but the plants were starting to get crowded.  Not ever cooked Bok Choy I went with the idea that everything is better with bacon and made some Bok Choy with bacon…or maybe could call it Bacon with some Bok Choy.


Not only delicious but given its low calorie count (14 calories per 100g) and being high in Vitamin A/C/K and a good source of folates, calcium, and iron.

3 Responses to “Harvesting some Bok Choy from my winter garden”


    i have tried to grow Bok Choy before with no luck. can you give me some tips on growing it????

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    These were an impulse addition when I saw some starts for $0.50 for a 4-pack. All I did was dig a hole and put them in the ground. They seemed to know what to do after that. What problems did you discover growing yours?

  3. Garden Babe Says:

    I started some from seed but the heat here in TX did it in. I hope to grow more this fall.

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