How to cure garlic


Last year it was raining when I pulled my garlic and it almost seems like it hasn’t stopped running up to a couple of weeks ago.  So unfortunately I was unable to properly let my garlic lay out in the sun for a few days to completely dry out.  I did the best I could and braided the garlic and hung it up in my garage to keep the vampires away and to provide some awesome flavor to my cooking.  Given my garage has some moisture and varying heat many of the cloves still were moist enough to start sprouting though I did have a good supply most of the winter.

Fortunately this year with out mild summer the garlic grew great and was able to pull them out a week ago and strangely enough there even was some sunshine to get them dry this year.  I have taken a spare length of wire shelving and use it to move them in the garage at night and out to bask in the sunshine during the day. 


Now they have a good tan off to braid them up and find a drier place to store them and should have garlic to eat for at least 6 months. 


As for the sprouting garlic…will put that in the ground now for next year.

3 Responses to “How to cure garlic”

  1. Adele Says:

    Awesome! When I braided our garlic I tied the first three heads together with wire and then finished off the braid with another wire twisted tightly. It looks fantastic braided, I really think anyone can do it.

  2. Tommy Smith Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! We usually grow onions each year. I think we’ll give garlic a chance this fall. Vampires are hideous!


  3. Sam @ SmilingGardener Says:

    I pretty much agree with you here. Thanks for sharing the info on braiding the garlic. It’s nice to get plenty of sun for those. 🙂

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