New way to use egg cartons for starting seeds


I have used egg cartons to plant seedlings before but here is a slight twist, instead of taking the whole lid off I cut the top off the lid.  This not only gives you a neat place to label your seeds but more importantly, it provides an extra inch of depth for your seedlings to get a running start before being transplanted to your garden.

2 Responses to “New way to use egg cartons for starting seeds”

  1. Spadeforkspoon Says:

    Good idea, might have to try this. Thanks.

  2. Jon rhynard Says:

    That’s good repurposing of an egg carton. My grandmother used to use the eggshells as miniature planters. Crack the eggshell so 2/3 is left intact, rinse , poke a drainage hole in the bottom, fill with soil, and when the seedling is ready for the garden you can just throw the whole shell into the hole. The eggshell will add a slow release of lime for the seedling.

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