Opening day at the farmers market 2013

Today was the first day for farmer’s markets to open in my area. Still a bit early for many vegetables but plenty of cold season crops to choose from (kale, asparagus, green onions, etc)

I left with some onions and apples…kids left with some honey, lavender soap, and kettle corn.

If you haven’t made to your farmer’s market it is a great time to find on in your area and give it a visit. Not only are you supporting your community farmers but also getting so great fresh produce.

4 Responses to “Opening day at the farmers market 2013”

  1. DanO Says:

    Is that asparagus in the photo? It’s priced through the roof where I live!

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Yep, I passed on the price $2.99 a pound but also though I like I don’t always plan ahead long enough before dinner to actually cook it.

  3. Susanne Drazic Says:

    We have several farmer’s markets in our area, which I look forward to visiting. That asparagus looks good!

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  4. David S Says:

    Woodinville?? Snubbing our wonderful Redmond Farmers’ Market? (Though yesterday was the first time I actually went to it).

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