Small container pond (water garden)


Don’t have the space, money, and/or time to have a full size pond?  May want to think about adding a small container water garden.  All it takes is a sealed decorative container and you can have an attractive addition to your garden.

I would also recommend the mosquito prevention techniques of creating moving water with a pump or add some goldfish to eat the mosquito larva.

Via apartment therapy, via Likehacker

5 Responses to “Small container pond (water garden)”

  1. meemsnyc Says:

    Oooh, I love this idea!

  2. Johntodd Says:

    A few drops of olive oil on top of that water will form a barrier that will kill/prevent most of the mosquito larvae from hatching.

  3. Building Your Own Pond - The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    […] a yard or the space to build a pond. However, do not be discouraged, because you can still have a water garden by using a sealed decorative container. Just put rocks on the bottom and choose what water plants […]

  4. Isaias Says:

    What kind of sealers would you recommend for an unglazed clay pot?


  5. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Isaias, I would go for an aquarium grade silicon…

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