Volunteer potatoes


Well I wasn’t planning on growing potatoes this year but looks like I have a couple of volunteers from last year.  This could turn out to be a fortunately accident since they are currently growing under my onions and garlic.  If they happen to stay low enough might actually get two decent crops in the same square footage.

Any predictions?

6 Responses to “Volunteer potatoes”

  1. islandgardener Says:

    This happened to me and was a nice surprise…you will get potatoes!

  2. Ragnar Says:

    It looks like you are lucky, as those are not incompatible plants, but they aren't companion plants either, there is no special benefit to this combination, but no drawback, too. So I'd say a nice surprise!

  3. Emily Says:

    Another blog I read just posted something similar. You can read her post at In My Kitchen Garden.She was able to harvest the potatoes with the garlic

  4. Matron Says:

    I have volunteers growing up everywhere. They do produce small potatoes, so if you don't mind them taking up space and light then leave them!

  5. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Well glad to hear my original prediction appears to be correct. Though even if I wanted to remove them, not much I could do unless I pull all my garlic and onions as well.

  6. beth Says:

    This was a great article and I would have written it myself if I’d thought of it. I love garden art.

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