Attack of the giant onions

Looks like I may have added a little too much nitrogen (alfalfa pellets) to my garden this year since they all are getting huge above ground but not much below ground. Currently they measure around 3 and a half feet and here in the Pacific Northwest summer doesn’t even start until July 5th. I am sure the extra sporatic weather we have been having the past month doesn’t help much either.

3 Responses to “Attack of the giant onions”

  1. gintoino Says:

    Same thing happened with some of mine only they didn’t receive any extra nitrogen. I think the drought caused them to bolt (these weren’t watered, and the others that were are just fin)

  2. Nancy J. Bond Says:

    If what’s below ground grows as readily as what’s above, you should have a bumper crop!

  3. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    gintoino,We did have a mini drought around here was watering quite frequently but guess maybe not enough, my spinach also bolted.nancy, I can only hope so guess it has plenty of opportunity for photosynthesis

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