Blog for the not so beautiful things out there

I see many blogs showing pictures of pretty flowers and cute little animals, when I was going on a nature hike today with my youngest daughter I came across some things that were interesting but not exactly beautiful which deserved some recognition.

If I saw this guy in my garden I probably wouldn’t be an inclined to stop and take his picture.

Uh, just a fly on a leaf…

Well potatoes are not that pretty so guess I wouldn’t expect the flowers to look much better

4 Responses to “Blog for the not so beautiful things out there”

  1. Aunt Debbi/kurts mom Says:

    Thanks for showing us the other side of your garden. Great pictures.

  2. Matron Says:

    That is the most amazing slug! I just love people taking photos of vegetable flowers they are so beautiful.

  3. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    I am just glad that slug wasn’t in my garden that thing was huge, but since banana slugs live up to 3 years I guess if he was commited he could trek the 3 miles to my garden…I agree fruit/vegetable flowers are that extra bonus since you are getting the fresh produce as well. I had some pictures of cilantro flowers in this post.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    That is a good looking critter. The ones in Southern Maryland are about as ugly as sin, a nasty beige with striations. I’ve always wondered if they were edible. Maybe dipped in batter and deep fried?

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