Make your own paper seed packets (origami)


When I posted about my adventures in saving onion seeds I mentioned the desire to purchase some small envelopes to hold the seeds. jimmycrackedcorn promptly responded with a comment scolding me for my lack of cheapness. Which I shamefully have to agree completely and took his advice and decided to make some of my own.

I followed the directions from the ICPS Seed Bank though I did do a little improvising to make the packets a little smaller and I got lazy on my folding so I have provided the cheap/lazy directions below.

Step #1: Start with a sheet of paper and fold down the middle, this will allow two seed packets per sheet of paper:


Step #2: Use scissors to cut out the individual triangles which will be come your seed packets


Step #3: Fold one corner one third of the way across the paper


Step #4: Insert the other corner inside the fold and fold flat


Step #5: Open top and pour in seeds, add a label, and fold over top


I like this design since it is easy enough that even I can do it, it naturally has a funnel to pour in/out seeds, and is fairly compact which is good since my pickle jar seed holder in my refrigerator is getting pretty full.

19 Responses to “Make your own paper seed packets (origami)”

  1. cobbnewsandtimes Says:

    These are a great idea. I dont know why I never thought of it. Thanks for posting.David

  2. Mary Bamesberger Says:

    This is just what I was looking for!
    I am going to try using brown paper grocery bags for the material, so that will be even more “green.”

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  7. Amanda Perl Says:

    The traditional seed packet (one of many links here is much more secure than the one you are using. It’s pretty much not going to open or spill ever unless the paper breaks or you purposely open it.

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  9. Erica Says:

    This one is actually VERY secure if at the last step you do not just fold over the top, but fold the bottom rectangle in half first, and then the triangular flap will tuck into the bottom of the envelope, locking it together very nicely.

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  15. Terri Says:

    I used brown paper bags too to make these. To be even more “green,” you can take the left over scraps of the brown paper bag, shred or cut up and put in your compost pile. They will add “wood ash” to your compost. Better than throwing them away. It you know someone who buys beer, wine or spirits, have them save their bags for you.

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  17. matt Says:

    I see your cheapness and raise you one more: don’t use new paper 😉

    (thanks for the recipe. I’d forgotten how to make small envelopes and this was just the reminder I needed)

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