Tomato thief in the garden


Given our 7 foot fence around the yard, have to rule out deer…my best guess is a raccoon scaling the fence for a snack. 


Probably the same one who decided that my first tomato looked too good to ripen to save for seeds and pulled the branch off.  It was nice enough to leave the green ones on the fine which I have hung up on my garage where they are turning orange last time I checked them.

11 Responses to “Tomato thief in the garden”

  1. Tony Wildish Says:

    Magpies had a go at my first tomatoes. I don’t mind sharing a bit with them, but they were sampling every one that ripened. Fortunately, they seemed to lose the taste, they haven’t been back for any for a while.

    At least magpies only peck a hole, leaving most of the fruit for me. Your racoon seems to have really appreciated yours! Good luck keeping them away from the rest of your harvest.

  2. Ragnar Says:

    I hope you planned for losses to the wild life 😀

  3. Kemlyn Says:

    Do you have squirrels in the area? A few weeks ago I watched one sitting on my fence enjoying one of my Roma tomatoes.

  4. Mary C. Says:

    aw sorry you lost a tomato 🙁

  5. meemsnyc Says:

    Argh! That stinks! We had a thief steal our eggplant. Argh!

  6. Matron Says:

    Actually, I now look towards my dog Buddy who steals veggies from my garden!

  7. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Ragnar, I always do. The wildlife was here long before me so they should get their share.

    Kemlyn, we should but don’t see too many of them in our postage stamp neighborhood.

  8. Julie Robinson Says:

    Until this year I didn’t know that chipmunks like tomatoes, but for about 3 weeks I watched them every morning, sitting on the garden wall and eating cherry tomatoes. My cherries have been prolific this year (unlike the rest of the garden) and it was pretty good breakfast entertainment. They never took them until they were ripe–maybe they have a sweet tooth!

  9. Collin Rhoades Says:

    RATS! no literally. I can not get rig of them. They eat everything especially tomatoes black eyed peas and ground cherrys. They get wise to all the traps. I also have a dog that loves peppers.

  10. Catching garden pests at Dark with OutbackCam night camera Says:

    […] In the past I have had a few critters scale or crawl under my fence to snack on my tomatoes.  Without knowing what is going after my crops it is difficult to figure out how to attempt to prevent these attacks.  When Swann approached me to review their OutbackCam I decided this would be the perfect tool to answer this question. […]

  11. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    […] is not the first time visitors have stolen tomatoes from my garden, but this year the mystery pest has gotten every ripe tomato I have grown this year.  Now I […]

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