How to peel a tomato



I always settled on making salsa leaving the skins on, knowing there had to be a better way I did a little research and learned a simple way to get those pesky skins off with minimal effort.

The process is very simple, get a pot of boiling water, drop in your tomato for 10-15 seconds ad immediately remove and drop in a bowl of ice water.


This submersion not only stops the tomato from cooking but this blanching process reduces the bond of the tomato skin.  It was so easy to remove the skins my 6 year old also helped me and removed the skins without any issues.


The great part of this method it is very easy and given you only lose the thin skin with almost no waste to the tomato.


I used these tomatoes to make a modified version of my garden salsa which was my best batch yet.

6 Responses to “How to peel a tomato”

  1. Heiner Says:

    This method works perfectly even without the ice water 😉

  2. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Cold water helps peeling be a little less painful. Couple other methods are burning off with a torch or just slicing them and boiling them (assuming you are making tomato sauce)

  3. gardenflower Says:

    Thanks for the great tip. I never imagined that peeling off the skin of the tomato can be that easy using this very simple technique. However, I still enjoy the eating fresh tomatoes with the skin on especially after harvest 🙂

  4. jimmy Says:

    Blanching is the standard way of removing tomato skins.

  5. Easiest way to peel a tomato Says:

    […] you have a lot of tomatoes to peel, I would recommend the classic method of quickly boiling and chilling the tomatoes.  Though if you have just a few tomatoes and are making something like pizza sauce or making a […]

  6. anonymous Says:

    I generally deep freeze the tomatoes one or two days before cooking them.

    If they are very ripe, the skin will just peel with very little effort. Just wipe the tomatoes with your fingers and it will go away as if they had been boiled, or even easier.

    If they are not too ripe, the boiling method will work very well, with the added advantage that the tomato is cold when you peel them.

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