Growing in dirt outside


I haven’t done many posts in a while about regular old gardening in actual dirt so figured a good time to do an update.  Though I enjoy indoor seed starting in my LED grow box and computerized grow box, some plants need to be started outdoors.  Today my daughters and I planted the last these plants for fall outdoor planting. 

A few weeks ago, we planted garlic, onions, spinach, and peas which are doing well.  I love growing these plants no matter how late your spring comes these plants are hardy they are pretty hard to kill off.

Today we planted carrots, lettuce, and cilantro leaving a little space left to do some successive cilantro planting in a couple weeks to ensure I have enough for salsa by the time the tomatoes are ready this summer.

Speaking of tomatoes, they along with jalapeño peppers, and cucumbers (actually flowering) are doing great in the computerized grow box.  In the LED grow box I have pumpkin, Black Eyed Susan, small sunflowers, and Purple Coneflowers using Grodan Gro-Blocks.

Nice to finally see some stuff in the ground though still hoping the weather gets better before my cucumbers try to escape the grow box.

5 Responses to “Growing in dirt outside”

  1. Patrice Farmer Says:

    do you use the companion gardening technique when planting in the dirt?

  2. Karen Says:

    Did you plant in the dirt today and then they got snowed on? Those are some tough little seeds!

  3. The Cheap Vegetable Gardeber Says:

    Patrice, fortunately I don’t happen to have much of a pest problem (other than slugs and bunnies) so I know of companion gardening but haven’t needed to use it. I may try some with my tomatoes this year since is supposed to improve quality/flavor.Karen, umm yeah, should have checked the weather report. At least I won’t have to water them anytime soon. I guess in some ways not much different than them hanging out in the refrigerator, though hopefully it warms up before the seedlings make their way up.

  4. Red Icculus Says:

    I am so jealous. We had one nice day and then bad weather again. Planting my outdoor garden is still a couple weeks away.

  5. The Cheap Vegetable Gardener Says:

    Red Icculus, don’t get too jealous it started snowing shortly after I finished. Guess I need to pay attention to the weather along with the seed start dates. I have a potential solution which I will write about shortly.

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